Toyota Tundra Replace Power Mirror

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Replacing the power mirror may appear simple for a Toyota Tundra. However, taking the entire door panel off to access the electrical cords is a big project. Find a trim tool at your local auto parts store before you start. Removal of the entire door panel is required on all model years of the Tundra.

Tools Used[edit]

Trim tool

Replace Power Mirror[edit]

Remove the Old Mirror

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Loosen the screw that holds the power window switch in place, and remove it. Do the same with the tweeter speaker and light. Disconnect the electric cords to the switches once removed.
  • Remove the entire door panel by starting with the door handle. Work your way around the outside of the door, taking out the screws.
  • Take the clips out around the entire door using your door trim panel tool. Pull the door panel from the door.
  • Disconnect the power mirror cord from the connection in the door panel of the Tundra.
  • Remove the screws holding the mirror in place and take off the old mirror.

Install the New Mirror

  • Put the new mirror into place, and tighten the screws to attach the mirror to the door panel.
  • Re-connect the power mirror cord to the electrical cord on the door panel. Install the mirror cover.
  • Re-install the tweeter speaker, light and power window switch making sure to connect each wiring connector.
  • Attach the door panel using the clips first, then tighten all screws and install the screw caps in the reverse order on the Tundra.
  • Connect the battery. Test the power mirror to make sure it works.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Connect the battery and test the power mirror before tightening down the door panel of your Toyota Tundra.
  • Warranties in most vehicles, including the Tundra, are void if you repair any part of the vehicle yourself.