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All pages can and should be (depending on content) divided into sections, using the section syntax that will be described on this page. Anytime you are creating, or updating a page, a table of contents (TOC) will automatically be generated if three or more section headings are used.

Creating Sections[edit]

Sections are created by creating their headings, by doing the below:




Please do not use a section heading with one equal sign on each side=Heading=. This would cause a section heading to be as large as the page's name!

Avoid using the same headings for more than one section. Doing this will on a page will just lead to problems! A couple examples of problems that can occur:

  • When a section name is duplicated, the edit history and summary will be ambiguous to as to what section was edited.
  • When saving the page after an edit, the editor's browser may navigate to the wrong section.

Section Numbering[edit]

If you are a registered user who chose the preference setting Auto-number headings, sections are numbered in the table of contents and at beginning of each section heading.

Table of Contents (TOC)[edit]

For each page with more than three headings, a table of contents (TOC) is automatically generated from the section headings, unless:

  • (for a user) preferences are set to turn it off
  • (for an article) the magic word __NOTOC__ (with two underscores on either side of the word) is added to the article

TOC Positioning[edit]

When either __FORCETOC__ or __TOC__ (with two underscores on either side of the word) is placed in the wikitext, a TOC is added even if the page has fewer than four headings.

With __FORCETOC__, the TOC is placed before the first section heading. With __TOC__, it is placed at the same position where this code is placed. There may be some introductory text before the TOC, known as the "lead". Although usually a heading after the TOC is preferable, __TOC__ can be used to avoid being forced to insert a meaningless heading just to position the TOC correctly, i.e., not too low.

Linking to the TOC[edit]

The TOC is automatically generated with the HTML id "toc". You can make a link to it with [[#toc]]: