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An edit summary is quite simply a brief explanation of the change(s) you made to a Wikituneup page. When you are on the edit page (of any page), you will notice on the bottom above the save page button there is a text entry field labelled Edit Summary. Edit summary's will display the list of changes for a particular page.

Try to make it good practice to fill the summary in just before you are about to save the page to submit your changes as it will help all of us understand the intention of your change made. To make sure you never save a page without filling in the edit summary, you can change your account preferences to prompt you to fill it in if you accidentally forget to upon hitting save page.

Try to Always Summarize[edit]

Not only considered to be good practice, but summarizing your changes is especially important if you are reverting changes another user has made, or simply deleting text off a page. If people want to question your editing, the summary is always the best place to find an answer. Summary's are less crucial for minor changes, but even then, a simply summary such as "fixed typo" is helpful.

Edit Summary & Disputes[edit]

Proper use of edit summaries is critical to resolving content disputes. Edit summaries should accurately and succinctly summarize the nature of the edit, especially if it could be controversial. If the edit involves reverting previous changes, it should be marked as a revert ("rv") in the edit summary.

Things to know[edit]

  • After you save the page, you cannot change the edit summary, so be careful with it, particularly if you are in a heated content dispute – do not write things you will regret.
  • The edit summary box can hold one line of 200 characters. If you attempt to type or paste more, only the first 200 characters will be displayed – the rest will be discarded.
  • The "Show preview" button also provides a preview of the edit summary to facilitate checking links.
  • After you save the page, you cannot change the edit summary.

Section Editing[edit]

When adding a new section to a discussion page with the "new section" button, the section title is used as the edit summary. When editing an existing section, the section title is inserted at the beginning of the edit summary, enclosed with /* and */ marks, for example /* External links */. Details of the edit should be added after this text. In the case that you provide a long summary yourself, you can delete the section title in order to stay within the limit of 200 characters.

If you create a new section before or after an existing section by clicking a section "edit" link, delete the text between /* and */ marks to avoid confusion.