2006 Chevrolet 5.3-Liter Engine Change the Oil Sending Unit

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The oil sending unit on a 2006 5.3-liter Chevy engine provides the on-board computer and oil pressure gauge with oil pressure information. Located on the back of the engine, just below the right-rear corner of the intake manifold, the sending unit is a little difficult to get to unless you are limber and possess more than an average degree of dexterity. If the sending unit fails or starts leaking, your only choice is to replace it. Anyone who is in good shape and has solid auto repair skills can undertake this task.

Tools Used[edit]

Box wrench set
Thread locker

Change the Oil Sending Unit[edit]

  • Open the hood and support it with the prop rod. Climb on top of the engine bay with your tools and replacement oil sending unit.
  • Lean in toward the firewall until you can see the old oil pressure unit with your flashlight. Disconnect the old oil sending from the engine harness by hand.
  • Unbolt the old oil sending unit from the engine with the box wrench set. Pull the old oil sending unit out and set it aside.
  • Place a pea-sized dab of thread locker on the threads of the new oil sending unit. Thread the new oil sending unit into the 5.3-liter engine block by hand. Tighten the unit with the box wrench set.
  • Plug the engine harness into the new oil sending unit by hand. Climb down with your tools and the old oil pressure sending unit. Close the hood.