2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reset Check Engine Light

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The check engine light in many cars turns on when the onboard computer receives an error code or detects that something is not running correctly. Depending on the problem it could be something that needs to be replaced very soon or it may be a general maintenance reminder. Many people, however, find this light annoying and want it turned off without having to take it in for service.

Tools Used[edit]

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Code scanner

Reset Check Engine Light[edit]

Using a Code Scanner

  • Locate the code scanner hook-up under the driver's side dashboard. Plug in the scanner and let it read the error code.
  • Use the scanner's reset function to reset the light. Next time you start up the vehicle the light should remain off. The problem is an intermittent one if the light stays off.
  • For further maintenance go to an auto-parts store or contact a service shop to ask what the error code refers to and decide if you want it fixed now or later.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • If you do not own a scanner, they are available at most auto stores. Many of these stores will let you scan your vehicle for free and reset the code.
  • If the error code comes right back on this signifies a major failure code.
  • Do not try to reset the code by disconnecting the battery. This can erase important error data and reset other equipment such as a stereo or alarm.