2004 Nissan Maxima Change a Fuel Filter

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Changing the fuel filter in your Nissan Maxima depends greatly on the year. On a Maxima made prior to 2000, the filter should be mounted within the engine compartment onto the firewall near the brake master cylinder. On later models, the filter is part of the fuel-pump module within the fuel tank, meaning that replacing it means replacing the fuel-pump module.

Tools Used[edit]

Phillips screwdriver

Change a Fuel Filter[edit]

2000 and Later

  • Remove the fuel-pump fuse from the fuse box in the passenger compartment. Start the engine and let it run until it stops to relieve the fuel pressure. Reconnect the fuse and disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Pull out the retainer for the rear seat cushion and pull up sharply on the cushion to remove it.
  • Unscrew and remove the access cover for the fuel-pump module with a screwdriver. Disconnect the pump's electrical connector and detach the fuel lines.
  • Remove the module's mounting screws with a screwdriver and then remove the retaining ring. Lift the pump module out of the tank.
  • Install the replacement pump module into the tank, using a new O-ring in the opening on the tank and making sure the fuel lines face their original position. Screw the module back in place and apply the retaining ring, then connect the fuel lines and electrical connector.
  • Reinstall the rear seat and reconnect the battery cable.

Older Models

  • Relieve the fuel pressure as described in Section 1.
  • Loosen the clamps for the inlet and outlet fuel hoses with a screwdriver and disconnect the hoses from the filter. Pull the filter out of its bracket.
  • Insert the replacement filter into the bracket, making sure it is positioned so the inlet and outlet fittings are in the correct location; these fittings should be labeled on the filter.
  • Connect the inlet and outlet hoses to the filter using the hose clamps.
  • Reconnect the battery cable.