2001 KIA Sportage Install a Fuel Pump

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If the engine in your 2001 Kia Sportage is not receiving fuel, your vehicle's fuel pump may have gone bad. If the fuel pump is the problem, you will need to replace it. The fuel pump is located inside the gas tank, much like on other passenger cars and sport utility vehicles. Fortunately, the 2001 Sportage features an access panel, so you will not need to remove the entire back seat to replace the pump. Most drivers should be able to complete this project in two to three hours.

Tools Used[edit]

Replacement fuel pump

Install a Fuel Pump[edit]

  • Lift up the carpet in the trunk on the passenger's side. There is a carpet flap that lifts up to reveal the access panel to the gas tank.
  • Remove the four screws securing the access panel to the body of the Sportage. Lift up the access panel. Place the screws in a sealable container like an old peanut butter jar.
  • Look through the open access panel. You will see a plate on the gas tank that contains the fuel pump assembly. Remove the eight screws holding the assembly to the gas tank. There are also several rubber pegs in the plate--remove these and put them in your container with the screws.
  • Slide a screwdriver underneath the plate. There is a locking ring that you must move counterc-lockwise. Move the screwdriver until you find one of the grooves in the locking ring on the right side of the plate, then use a hammer to tap the screwdriver. This will move the ring counterclockwise and release the fuel pump assembly.
  • Pull the fuel pump assembly out of the tank. Pull the fuel pump out of the attached cylinder and replace it with a new one.
  • Replace the assembly and tap the left side of the locking ring with a screwdriver to move it clockwise. This will lock the ring and secure the fuel pump assembly. Replace the rubber pegs and screws.
  • Position the access panel and replace the screws. Lay the carpet back down over the access panel.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Make sure you replace the new fuel pump facing th direction as the old one. A reversed pump will not work, and can damage your vehicle's fuel system.