2001 Ford Windstar Replace the Fuel Pump

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The Ford Windstar is a front-wheel drive minivan that Ford produced from 1995 to 2003. It has a 6-cylinder, 3.8-liter engine that uses sequential fuel injection. This form of fuel injection requires an electrical fuel pump to provide fuel to the injectors at high pressure. The fuel pump in the 2001 Ford Windstar is located in the fuel tank, requiring you to remove the fuel tank in order to replace the fuel pump.

Tools Used[edit]

Fuel pressure gauge
Gasoline container
Socket wrench set
Jack stands
Shop rag
Locking ring removal tool

Replace the Fuel Pump[edit]

  • Remove the cap on the fuel tank, and connect a fuel pressure gauge to the pressure relief valve on the fuel supply manifold. Place the drain hose of the fuel pressure gauge into a container approved for gasoline. Open the fuel pressure gauge to relieve the fuel pressure, and remove the fuel pressure gauge from the pressure relief valve.
  • Drain the fuel tank by siphoning as much fuel as possible into a gasoline container. Raise and support the vehicleon jack stands. Disconnect the fuel lines and electrical connectors from the fuel tank. Support the fuel tank with jack stands and remove the bolts for the fuel tank retaining straps with a socket wrench. Disconnect the bolts for the fuel tank, and lower the fuel tank from the vehicle.
  • Clean the fuel tank around the fuel pump module with a shop rag to prevent dirt from entering the fuel tank. Turn the locking ring for the fuel pump module counterclockwise with a locking ring removal tool. Remove the locking ring, and disconnect the fuel pump module from the fuel tank. Discard the seal gasket.
  • Apply a thin layer of grease on the new seal gasket to hold it in place. Place the seal gasket into the groove of the fuel tank and install the fuel pump module into the fuel tank. Place the locking ring on the fuel pump module and turn it clockwise with the locking ring removal tool to secure the fuel pump module. Connect the fuel tank to the vehicle by reversing Step 2, and fill the fuel tank with at least 10 gallons of fuel.
  • Check the fuel system for leaks and connect a pressure gauge to the throttle body valve. Turn the ignition on for three seconds, then turn the ignition off. Repeat this pattern until the pressure gauge shows at least 30 pounds per square inch of pressure. Correct any fuel leaks, and disconnect the pressure gauge. Start the engine and check again for fuel leaks.