2000 Ford Windstar Replace the Front Struts

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The front struts are very important on a large vehicle like the Ford Windstar, protecting the suspension and frame from hard bumps and shocks. The struts on the 2000 Windstar are connected to the steering knuckle and the stabilizer bar, and mounted within the wheel wells; as such, you will have to deal with these components as you remove and install the struts. You must replace the struts in pairs, and you will likely need another person's help.

Tools Used[edit]

Floor jack
Jack stands
Lug wrench
Penetrating oil
Pinch bolt

Replace the Front Struts[edit]


  • Raise the van's front end with a floor jack and support it on jack stands. Remove both front wheels, but prepare to work on one strut at a time.
  • Loosen the three nuts that form a triangle at the top of the strut tower using a wrench, but leave the nuts connected to the studs.
  • Remove and discard the pinch bolt connecting the steering knuckle to the strut. Apply penetrating oil to the joint connecting these two components, separate the joint slightly with a screwdriver and wiggle the knuckle off the strut.
  • Unbolt and disconnect the stabilizer bar link from the bracket holding it to the strut.
  • Remove the three upper nuts by hand while a second person holds the strut, then remove it from the wheel well.


  • Guide the replacement strut up through the wheel well until the three upper mounting studs protrude through the holes in the tower roof, then have your assistant apply the mounting nuts finger-tight.
  • Reconnect the steering knuckle to the strut using a new pinch bolt on the joint.
  • Reconnect the stabilizer bar link to the strut via the strut bracket and bolts.
  • Tighten the strut's upper mounting nuts with your wrench to between 26 foot-pounds and 29 foot-pounds.
  • Reconnect the wheels and lower the Windstar off the jack stands after replacing both front struts.