2000 Dodge Intrepid Repair a Rear Door Lock

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The 2000 Dodge Intrepid has power door locks in each of its four doors. A master lock switch in the driver's door controls the power locks and single lock switches control them in each of the three remaining doors. The doors also contain power lock actuators that provide the mechanical motion to perform the lock function. If the actuator short circuits or otherwise malfunctions, you'll need to replace it as soon as possible. Anyone with a 2000 Dodge Intrepid and a good grasp on auto repair can repair the system by replacing the lock actuator.

Tools Used[edit]

Trim tool
Phillips screwdriver
Socket set

Repair a Rear Door Lock[edit]

  • Close the window on the Intrepid's rear door. Pry the back of the speaker cover out of the door panel and the trim cover out of the door pull well using the trim tool to expose the door-panel retaining screws.
  • Remove the screws from inside the speaker well, the door pull well, the inner door handle bezel and the base of the door panel using the trim tool.
  • Pry the door panel off the door with the trim tool. Lift the panel up and remove it from the door by hand. Set the door panel aside for later reassembly.
  • Unclip the lock pigtail from the base of the power lock actuator manually. Remove the retaining bolt from the bad lock actuator using the socket set. Turn the actuator to clear the latch hook from the actuator eyelet.
  • Remove and replace the actuator by hand. Thread the latch rod end into the eyelet on the new actuator manually. Bolt the new actuator to the door with the socket set before plugging the pigtail in by hand.
  • Reinstall the rear door panel on the Dodge Intrepid by repeating the above steps in reverse.