1998 Dodge Caravan Adjust the Headlights

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The 1998 Dodge Caravan features adjustment screws that direct the vertical and lateral aim of the headlight beams. These adjustment screws are on the top and rear of the headlight. Unlike most vehicles, the Dodge Caravan does not need to be placed in a certain condition to adjust the headlights; instead, the headlight comes with a measuring gauge for aiming. This device makes the process for aiming the headlights simple and straightforward. Expect to spend less than half an hour adjusting your lights.

Tools Used[edit]


Adjust the Headlights[edit]

  • Turn off your Dodge Caravan and prop open the hood.
  • Look on the top and behind the headlight assembly for the adjustment screws that aim the vertical and lateral dimensions of the headlight beam.
  • Turn the top vertical-adjusting screw with a screwdriver until the level gauge on the rear of the headlight assembly shows the bubble between the two tic marks. Turn the rear horizontal-adjusting screw until the tic mark on its gauge reads "0."

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • When in doubt, always angle your headlights slightly downward so that they hit the road and not the eyes of fellow drivers.