1998 Cadillac Eldorado Replace the Water Pump

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The water pump in the 1998 Cadillac Eldorado sends fluid from the radiator to the engine block. This helps to keep the engine from overheating. You can tell when you water pump starts to go bad when you hear a grinding sound when the engine idles. You can also tell when the radiator fluid boils in the radiator. This means the fluid does not flow through the engine. Eventually, the engine will turn off and stop working due to overheating.

Tools Used[edit]

Drain pan
Socket set
Wire brush
Shop towels
Water pump gasket

Replace the Water Pump[edit]

  • Place a ratchet driver into the drain plug on the Cadillac's radiator and drain the coolant into a drain pan. Close the drain plug after you drain the coolant.
  • Remove the radiator hose from the water pump. The hose has a compression clamp on it. Squeeze the clamp together with pliers and then slide the hose off the pump.
  • Locate the tensioner pulley for the water pump. It situates on the engine between the water pump and the crankshaft. Place a ratchet driver into the square-receiving hole on the pulley and rate the pulley to loosen tension on the drive belt. Pull the drive belt off the water pump pulley.
  • Remove the four bolts that hold the pump onto the front of the engine block with a socket. Pull the pump out of the engine block and discard it.
  • Scrape the old gasket off the engine block with a wire brush and shop towel.
  • Place the o-ring onto the water pump and wet it with coolant.
  • Press the water pump into the Cadillac's engine block and tighten down the bolts with the socket to secure it to the block.
  • Rotate the tensioner pulley and place the drive belt onto the water pump pulley.
  • Place the radiator hose onto the water pump and use the clamp and pliers to secure it.
  • Drain the radiator coolant back into the radiator via the filler spout located on top of the radiator.