1997 Honda Passport Change the Rotors

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If you hear a grinding sound when you use the brakes to slow down, chances are that the rotors on your 1997 Honda Passport need to be replaced. You can purchase the rotors at your local automotive parts store. Keep in mind that even if the grinding is only coming from one side, you must replace both rotors to ensure that your Passport stops properly.

Tools Used[edit]

Floor jack
Jack stands
Lug wrench
36 mm socket set
Adjustable wrench
Wooden block or brick (optional)
12 mm offset wrench
Hub puller

Change the Rotors[edit]

Remove the Rotor

  • Engage the parking brake. Jack front of the Passport up using a floor jack. Secure the SUV by using jack stands placed under the reinforced lift slots located about six inches behind each front wheel well.
  • Take off the tire and rim. To do this, you will have to remove the lug nuts on the tire using a lug wrench. Most 1997 Honda Passport SUVs have five lug nuts per tire. Once the lug nuts are off, you should be able to slide the tire and rim off of the lug nut studs. Place the tire on the ground. Inspect the tire and rim for signs of damage.
  • Have someone apply pressure to the brake pedal while you use a 36 mm socket to remove the spindle bolt. This will stop the bolt from spinning when you try to loosen it. This is located in the center of the rotor, between all of the lug nut studs.
  • Remove the brake caliper. To do this, you will have to remove the two caliper bolts. These are located behind the rotor. One is at the top of the assembly, the other is at the bottom. You can use an adjustable wrench to remove these.
  • Slide the brake caliper up and set it aside. The caliper tube will still be attached. Make sure that it stays straight. In some cases, you may need to place the caliper on a wooden block or brick.
  • Use a 12 mm offset wrench to remove the four bolts from the back of the hub unit. You will have to slide under the Passport to do this. There are two bolts on the top and two on the sides toward the bottom.
  • Pull off the hub assembly using a hub puller (see Resources below). This will remove the hub and rotors at the same time. The method for doing this is dependent upon the type of hub puller you use. Follow the manufacturer's directions. Slide the old rotor off of the hub assembly.

Replace the Rotor

  • Slide the new rotor onto the hub assembly after removing the protective film from the rotor. Replace the hub assembly. Make sure that you tighten the bolts as much as possible using the 12 mm offset wrench.
  • Reinstall the brake caliper. Make sure that the hose doesn't get kinked or twisted. Replace the two caliper bolts. Make sure that the rubber capped bolt is on top. This one is slightly longer.
  • Check the caliper slide to make sure that the caliper and brakes have full range of motion. You can do this by sliding the brake assembly.
  • Replace the spindle bolt. You will need someone to apply pressure to the brake pedal while you do this. Make sure that the spindle bolt is secure.
  • Place the tire and rim back onto the Passport. Replace the lug nuts and tighten them with the lug wrench.
  • Repeat this process on the other side of the Passport.
  • Remove the jack stands from under the Passport. Lower the Passport using the floor jack.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • You may need to use a penetrating lubricating spray to loosen the bolts if they are hard to remove.