1997 Ford Expedition Remove Lower Radiator Hose

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The cooling system in a Ford Expedition has a delicate balance, and when things are leaking or breaking, the engine doesn't get cooled. In the case of the lower radiator hose, it's responsible for bringing heated coolant from the engine and putting it back in the radiator. If it goes out, then you'll lose coolant and potentially overheat your engine. Removing it isn't difficult, but you must follow the right safety procedures to do it correctly and not get hurt.

Tools Used[edit]

Drain pan
Flathead screwdriver

Remove the Lower Radiator Hose[edit]

  • Allow the engine to cool for at least five hours after the last time it was driven so the coolant doesn't burn you. Pop the hood and open the radiator cap. Place the drain pan underneath the radiator. Open the petcock at the base of the radiator with your hands, then allow the coolant to drain from the engine.
  • Use the pliers to loosen the clamp-style hose clamp on the lower radiator hose where its connected to the radiator. If your lower radiator hose has been replaced before, then you may need a flathead screwdriver to remove the screw-style line. Then pull the radiator hose off of the radiator and allow any coolant to drain into the pan.
  • Follow the lower radiator hose up to its next connection point on the engine and use the same methods you used in step 2 to remove the hose connection. Once it's off, pull the hose away from the vehicle and discard it.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Always allow a hot engine to cool down prior to working on the cooling system. Otherwise you risk burning yourself severely.