1997 Buick LeSabre Reset the Gauge Cluster

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The gauge cluster, also called the instrument cluster, is the panel above the Buick LeSabre's steering wheel. This cluster contains the odometer, speedometer and vehicle warning lights. The only feature on the cluster that can be reset is the engine oil monitoring system. The monitoring system produces a "Change Oil" light approximately once every 3,000 miles. After the oil is changed, reset the cluster to make the light go away.

Reset the Gauge Cluster[edit]

  • Turn off the LeSabre's engine, and then turn the key to "Run" to activate the gauge cluster.
  • Open the car's glove box. Look in the left corner of the glove box. You'll see a button labeled "Reset."
  • Push and hold the "Reset" button for 10 seconds. The "Change Oil" light will start to flash. Release the button.
  • Turn the key to "Off," and then turn it back to "Run." The gauge cluster is now reset; the "Change Oil" light should be off.