1996 Chrysler Sebring Change the Alternator

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Changing the alternator on a 1996 Chrysler Sebring 2.4-liter engine can be accomplished with minimal tools. The alternator on these vehicles is available in several amperage ratings. The alternator used on a particular vehicle depends on the way it is equipped, for example, in power accessories. When ordering a new alternator, the date of manufacture (located on the VIN number plate on the door), the make and model and engine size should always be relayed to the salesperson to insure a proper rating.

Tools Used[edit]

Set of sockets
Set of wrenches

Change the Alternator[edit]

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal using a wrench. Remove the coolant reservoir using a socket. Remove the two bolts located in the ABS brakes actuator using a socket and move it aside a small amount to allow extraction of the alternator.
  • Loosen the adjusting bolt on the top of the alternator using a socket. Loosen the lower pivot bolt in the alternator using a socket and swing the alternator in toward the engine, relieving the tension on the accessory belt. Remove the belt from the alternator pulley but not from the rest of the pulleys.
  • Swing the alternator out away from the engine and remove the large, red, positive cable attached to the back of the alternator using a wrench. Pull the plastic field-wire connector out of the back of the alternator. Remove the two bolts previously loosened in the alternator on the top and bottom.
  • Remove the alternator from the car by moving it through the air conditioning hoses and pushing it toward the passenger side of the car. Install the new alternator through the air conditioner hoses and place it in its engine mount. Loosely install the two alternator bolts. Push the field-wire plastic connector into its cavity in the rear of the alternator. Install the main, red positive wire to the positive terminal on the rear of the alternator and tighten with a wrench.
  • Place the belt on the alternator pulley. Pull the alternator away from the engine to apply tension on the belt and tighten both the upper and lower bolts using a wrench. Install the ABS actuator and tighten the two bolts with a socket. Install the coolant reservoir bottle and tighten the bolts using a socket. Install the negative battery cable on the battery and tighten with a wrench.