1996 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer Add Fluid in Transfer Case

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Placing fluid in the transfer case on your 1996 Chevy S-10 is a part of basic maintenance. Power is fed to the transfer case from the transmission to the front and rear axles of your four-wheel-drive vehicle. Replacing the fluid inside the transfer case helps the gears inside run smoothly. The job is a fairly easy and requires just a couple tools. It is recommended that you drain the old fluid before putting any new fluid in the transfer case.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket set
Drain pan

Add Fluid in Transfer Case[edit]

  • Take off the skid plate located directly under the transfer case. Use a 15-mm socket to remove the four bolts that hold the skid plate in place. Removing the plate will give you easy access to the transfer case.
  • Slide the drain pan under the transfer case. Remove the drain plug located on the bottom of the transfer case.
  • Replace the drain plug once the old fluid has completely drained. Unscrew the fill plug located on the top right of the transfer case.
  • Pour approximately two quarts of transfer case fluid, or until the fluid level rises to the top, into the fill hole. Replace the fill plug using the ratchet.
  • Reattach the skid plate with the four bolts, using the 15-mm socket.