1995 Dodge Ram 1500 Replace the Water Pump

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The water pump in your 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 is used to help cool the engine down by pumping coolant from the radiator around the engine. If the water pump stops working correctly you should replace it as soon as possible. You can pick up the parts and tools needed for the job from your local auto store.

Tools Used[edit]

Wrench set
Torque wrench
Nut driver
Replacement water pump
Drain pan

Replace the Water Pump[edit]

  • Turn the engine off and leave it to completely cool down before beginning the work. Pop the hood of your Dodge Ram. Use a wrench to remove the bolt which attaches the negative cable to the battery terminal. Lift the negative cable off the terminal.
  • Place a drain pan underneath the radiator. Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the radiator. Drain the coolant in to the pan. Use a nut driver to loosen the nut which fixes the lower radiator hose clamp in place. Remove the radiator hose from the water pump.
  • Remove the mounting bolts attached to the alternator with a wrench. Lift the alternator from the vehicle. Use the nut drive to remove the bolt from the water pump tensioner. Remove the water pump from the Dodge Ram.
  • Attach a new o-ring to the water pump. Place the new water pump in the same position from which you remove the old one. Use a torque wrench to fix the mounting bolts of the water pump in place at a torque of 21 foot-pounds.
  • Reattach the alternator to its bracket using a wrench to fix the mounting bolts in place. Place the lower radiator hose back in to the water pump. Place the clamp round the hose and fix in place with the bolt.
  • Take the radiator cap off the radiator and place the coolant back in the radiator. Put the cap back on once this is one. Place the negative cable for the battery back in to the battery clamp and fix it against the negative terminal. Turn on the engine to check that the pump now works correctly.