1994 Chevrolet Cavalier Change a Fuel Filter

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Replacing the fuel filter is an important part of maintaining your 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier. Fuel filters help clean the fuel and keep the fuel injector from getting dirty and clogging up. Chevrolet recommends that you change your fuel filter every 30,000 miles; however, this may vary depending on the conditions that exist where you drive your Cavalier most often.

Tools Used[edit]

2 wrenches

Change a Fuel Filter[edit]


  • Find the fuel filter holder. On a 1994 Cavalier, the fuel filter holder is underneath the car near the rear axle. If you have trouble finding it, trace your fuel line away from your fuel tank until you find a black container about 3 inches in diameter. This is your fuel filter container.
  • Expose the fuel filter by removing the fuel line from the fuel filter holder. Use two wrenches to do this. Hold the hex flange with one wrench and loosen the fuel line with the other. Once you have removed the fuel line, you should see the fuel filter.
  • Remove the old fuel filter using one of the wrenches. Replace the old fuel filter with a new one. Secure the new fuel filter in place using the wrench. Make sure the filter is secure.
  • Attach the fuel line back onto the fuel filter holder. You will need both wrenches to do this. Hold the hex flange steady with one wrench while you tighten the fuel line with the other.
  • Use a rag to clean up any spilled fuel around the area. Turn the engine on and check underneath the car for any leaks around the fuel tank area. If you don't see any leaks, your job is done.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Use goggles for your safety. Use gloves for an easy cleanup.
  • Keep open flames away from the area where you're working. You will come in contact with flammable fuel and gas fumes while changing your fuel filter.