1994 Buick Electra Park Avenue Change the Horn Fuse

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The Buick Park Avenue relies on the electrical system to keep the car at it's optimum comfort levels. All the electrical components in the car are wired to a fuse for component protection in case of a power surge. In case of a surge the fuse will burn out and isolate the component from the electrical system. When diagnosing a blown fuse you will want to find out why the fuse got blown in the first place. This usually indicates an exposed wire touching metal or a positive and negative wire touching.

Tools Used[edit]

15 amp fuse

Change the Horn Fuse[edit]

  • Locate the fuse panel underneath the parking brake. The panel will have a cover that is marked "fuse panel."
  • Locate the fuse that runs the cigarette lighter/horn. This fuse will be a 15 amp fuse in the 9A section of your fuse box. It will be marked by the fuse slots.
  • Pull the fuse out with the fuse plyers that are attached to the cover. Grip the end of the fuse with the plyers and pull toward you.
  • Push the new fuse in the fuse panel. The fuse will slide in.
  • Test the horn to see if the horn functions. Push the fuse panel cover back over the fuse box.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • The required fuse is a 15 amp fuse. The fuse will be blue.