1993 Nissan Maxima Set Timing

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The 1993 Nissan Maxima comes equipped with a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder engine. This engine has an ignition timing of 15 degrees. You should periodically check the ignition timing of your Nissan Maxima to get the best performance out of the engine. The timing can be thrown off from basic, day-to-day driving. You can check and adjust the ignition timing with some tools and basic mechanical skills.

Tools Used[edit]

Timing light
Wheel chocks
Jumper cables

Set Timing[edit]

  • Park your car on an area where you'll have space to work on your engine. Turn off all accessories including the air conditioning/heat, radio and lights.
  • Chock the wheels of the car with wheel chocks for safety purposes. Put the transmission into neutral and set the emergency brake. Bring the engine to an idle speed of 750 rpm.
  • Exit the vehicle and open the hood. Engage the fast or warm idle speed on the engine's control module to keep the engine rpm up.
  • Connect the red clip on the timing light to the positive battery terminal and then connect the black clip on the timing light to the negative battery terminal. Then, connect the timing light to the #1 spark plug on the cylinder head and the main crankshaft pulley.
  • Check the timing light on the pulley and compare it to the degree tab on the front of the engine. Look to see what the current ignition timing is. If the timing needs to be adjusted, go on to the next step.
  • Loosen the distributor lock-down bolt, located at the base of the distributor housing, using a wrench. Disconnect the distributor vacuum hose with your hands. Be careful not to disconnect any other vacuum hoses.
  • Plug the distributor vacuum hose into the electronic spark computer and ground the carburetor switch with jumper cables by placing the red clamps on the switch and the black clamps on the ground. You can now adjust the ignition timing. (Edit: carburetor?? Both VG30 engine on GXE model and VE30DE engine on SE models comes with variable intake manifold and fuel injection in USA. For these cars, remove the throttle position sensor connector.)
  • Rotate the distributor with your hand until the timing mark on the pulley aligns with the 15-degree tab on the front of the engine. Do not deviate too far from 15 degrees or you will risk damaging your engine.
  • Unplug the distributor vacuum hose from the electronic spark computer and reconnect it to the distributor housing. Tighten the distributor lock-down bolt with your wrench and remove the jumper cables from the carburetor switch. Remove the timing light from the engine and turn the fast or idle speed off. Remove the wheel chocks from your wheels.