1992 Ford Crown Victoria Install Heater Core

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Installing a heater core on a Ford Crown Victoria is a complex process. You must install it within the heater plenum and then install the plenum in place within the car's disassembled instrument panel. This may take more than one person to install and you should talk with your mechanic beforehand. The heater core is essential to heating the engine coolant and producing hot air for the heater. Make sure you use a core for your 1992 Crown Victoria.

Tools Used[edit]

Heater core
Engine coolant

Install Heater Core[edit]

  • Insert the heater core within heater core housing on the heater plenum, making sure its seal is correctly wrapped around and seated around the core. Close up the cover to the heater core cover and fasten its screws with your screwdriver.
  • Hold the heater plenum upside down as you insert it under the instrument panel; the heater core tubes should be down. Make sure the car's vacuum supply hose is pushed through to the engine compartment with its grommet in the firewall opening.
  • Rotate the plenum upward and place it on the dash panel. Insert the heater tubes and the plenum studs within the correct holes in the dash panel and evaporator case. Fasten the two nuts on the studs at the lower edge with your wrench.
  • Connect the lower air duct to the floor with the screws on both sides using your screwdriver and the single plastic push pin at the left end.
  • Connect the vacuum hose to the vacuum motor on the outside recirculating door. Connect the jumper harness to the vacuum connector near the floor duct.
  • Attach the temperature control sensor tube to its connector on the evaporator case and connect the wiring harness for the temperature blend door actuator.
  • Install the cross body brace for the instrument panel. and push the panel into place against the dash and firewall. Apply all its bolts, located near the door frames, within the upper air duct and in the glove compartment hole.
  • Raise the steering column into position and install the nuts that fasten it to the instrument panel, then install the reinforcement brace under the column. Connect the cable for the gear shift to the column.
  • Install and fasten the glove compartment with its tabs, the cowl trim plates and the sill plates along the door frames.
  • Connect the vacuum supply tubes to the vacuum source in the engine compartment, then install and tighten the nuts for the plenum studs on the firewall using your wrench. Connect the heater hoses to their firewall fittings with their hose clamps.
  • Fill the radiator at the filler neck with a fresh 50/50 mix of ethylene glycol-based engine coolant and water.