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What is Wikituneup?

Wikituneup is about one thing and one thing only; fixing vehicles. We want to provide information to all the handymen/handywomen out there that have, or want the knowledge to dive in and fix their own mechanical issues instead of paying a fortune at local shops.

Wiketuneup Logo
Wikituneup is a site
  • that is presently 100% English. When the content starts growing we will be looking for translators to start expanding our public knowledge to the rest of the world!
  • that is solely for the instructional information on fixing vehicles.
Wikituneup is not a site ...
  • for you to store information, images or anything else that is unrelated to the purpose of Wikituneup. Anything that you do, or upload, on this site must be directly related to servicing a vehicle.
  • to come testing wiki software, i.e. creating pages, text formatting, etc. for you can learn how to benefit your own personal wiki.
  • where you can setup your own personal webpage or blog. There is plenty of places you can go to setup a site for yourself, or even a wiki for yourself.
  • for advertising or promoting any webpage, anything, or anyone other than the Wikituneup site itself.
  • that is to be misused to reflect itself as a discussion forum. Maybe at some point down the road we may venture this idea, but for now we strictly provide information to the public with step by step instructions on fixing your vehicles.